Meet our therapists

Bryce Gibbs PhD & Associates is now proud to offer psychotherapy services in addition to our wide-ranging assessment offerings. Our therapists have diverse backgrounds, utilize multifaceted therapy strategies, and offer therapy in telehealth and in-person formats. Please meet our therapists below!

Jody Gardner

Jody Gardner grew up in Southwest Florida and attended the University of Florida where she earned a B.S. and M.S. in Health Education & Behavior. Having played competitive soccer her entire life, including a stint on the Gators’ soccer team, Jody decided to pursue this major out of a passion for understanding the psychology driving the health choices people make while learning techniques for promoting healthy lifestyle choices in individual and group settings. After graduation, looking for her next adventure, she moved to Austin, TX, sight unseen. It was in Austin, while working for a community mental health agency, that she recognized social work was her passion and the discipline she situated herself in professionally and personally. Thus, she chose to pursue social work as her career and re-entered academia in pursuit of her Master’s and PhD in Social Work. In December of 2021, Jody graduated with her MSW and became licensed shortly after. She is currently still pursuing her PhD, and her research interests are aimed at holistic health outcomes and improving healthy relationships, specifically within the intellectual and developmental disability population.

Regarding psychotherapy, Jody’s approach to therapy is collaborative, strength-based, and person-centered. She believes in exploring everyone’s unique strengths and vision for themselves and using this as a framework that will guide sessions. Through the lens created by her varied clinical experiences, innate compassion, and empathy, Jody supports and assists those willing to make a positive difference in their lives. Jody prides herself in providing a safe and supportive space to work side by side with individuals to overcome trauma, as well as the psychological barriers that are keeping them stuck. To achieve these ends, Jody employs psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and solution-focused therapy strategies.

Sarah Jane Devins

Sarah Jane Devins is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in Austin, Texas. Sarah Jane’s journey started in Dedham, Massachusetts, just south of Boston, where she grew up. Since childhood, when Sarah Jane took care of her younger sister and watched neighborhood kids, she knew she enjoyed tending to the needs of children. This connection with children was reinforced once Sarah Jane became a nanny, a brief “career” that solidified Sarah Jane’s desire to pursue some form of higher-level childcare in a professional capacity. To this end, Sarah Jane attended the University of South Carolina where she majored in Sociology. Post-undergrad, Sarah Jane moved to Charleston, SC where she worked as a preschool teacher and realized her passion for helping children and their parents. In fact, working so closely with families propelled Sarah Jane to pursue a master’s degree in Counselor Education from the Citadel Graduate College, specializing in Elementary Education. After attaining this degree, Sarah Jane moved from Charleston to Austin in the summer of 2021 and began working as a School Counselor at an elementary school. Since Sarah Jane moved from South Carolina to Texas, she has been accruing clinical hours to attain Texas licensure. As she has been working towards this goal, she has served as a life and family coach for individuals, parents, and families, assisting them in setting and accomplishing goals and maintaining peak performance across all domains of life. As a therapist working with Bryce Gibbs PhD & Associates, Sarah Jane will be working with these same populations, children and parents, in both individual and family therapy. She will also be assisting Dr. Gibbs with the neurocognitive and psychoeducational testing process.

In terms of counseling, Sarah Jane utilizes cognitive-behavioral and play therapy techniques while working with kids. Further, she typically integrates family therapy methods in her work with children since having a healthy family system is crucial for supporting the emotional health and well-being of children. Fortunately, Sarah Jane’s skills go beyond her professional training, and she is innately warm and empathic, always striving to create an open and safe space where children and their families can heal. As treatment progresses, Sarah Jane believes that treatment goals should be flexible and align with the client as they move through different developmental phases in their therapy process. In Sarah Jane’s view, every client is unique, and the therapy should be tailored to meet their individual needs. Sarah Jane is ecstatic to bring her therapeutic gifts to Dr. Gibbs’ practice and she looks forward to working with you.

Morgan Thompson

Morgan Thompson is a licensed mental health professional hailing from Houston, Texas. Her academic journey began at the University of Texas at Austin, where she earned her B.A. in Psychology, Health & Society, and Plan II Honors. During her time at UT Austin, Morgan became a crisis counselor for Crisis Text Line and worked for the Counseling and Mental Health Center leading support groups. Eager to deepen her understanding of the intersection between individuals and systems, her undergraduate research thesis explored the role of ADHD diagnosis on individual identity formation. She then pursued her master’s degree in social work at Texas State University, where she honed her skills in employing person-in-environment frameworks, enabling her to meet individuals at various stages of life with empathy and understanding.

Having experienced the transformative power of therapy in her own life, Morgan holds a profound appreciation for the importance of self-compassion and liberating oneself from unhelpful, shameful narratives. With a commitment to providing a non-judgmental space, Morgan welcomes individuals at any stage of their therapeutic journey. Her holistic approach is rooted in strength-based and person-centered methodologies, aiming to illuminate clients’ strengths and fortify their support systems. Collaboration is at the heart of Morgan’s therapeutic philosophy, as she works closely with clients to understand their treatment goals and foster a space that strengthens their capacity to navigate setbacks.

Whether it’s your first venture into therapy or a familiar space, Morgan is dedicated to assisting you in exploring and coping with the challenges and emotions you encounter. With warmth and genuineness, Morgan invites individuals to embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment. Morgan stands ready to support you as you navigate life’s challenges, learn new skills, and gain confidence along the way.