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Mental Fitness Assessment

Bryce Gibbs PhD and Associates specialize in rapid and reliable mental fitness and fitness for duty assessments. We serve a variety of state and federal agencies, as well as private sector clients who are seeking clearance to carry a firearm for various professions. With over 25 years of experience in psychological assessment, Dr. Gibbs and his team produce high quality reports and have some of the fastest turnaround times available without diminished quality.

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Specialized Evaluations for Armed Security Personnel

We conduct the MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory) assessments required for Level III and Level IV Personal Protection Officers as part of the licensing process. This requirement, mandated by the Texas Department of Public Safety, is facilitated through the completion of form PSP-13, ensuring all evaluations meet state standards.

Similar to Texas, Oklahoma requires psychological evaluations for armed security guards. These assessments are crucial for licensure, ensuring that guards are capable of handling their duties effectively under stress. The specific forms and protocols are managed in accordance with Oklahoma state regulations.

Targeted Services for Diverse Needs

  • State and Federal Agencies: We provide evaluations that help agencies ensure their personnel can meet the demands of public safety positions.
  • Military Personnel: Our services cater to both potential recruits and current military members, ensuring they meet the psychological standards required for military readiness.
  • Athletes: We offer evaluations for athletes looking to resolve suspensions or seeking reinstatement in sporting events or leagues.
  • High-Responsibility Professionals: Our assessments support professionals needing to demonstrate mental fitness for duty, particularly those returning to work after mental health challenges.

Mental Fitness and Fitness for Duty Evaluations

Mental fitness evaluations, also known as fitness for duty assessments in certain contexts, are crucial for determining an individual’s psychological readiness to perform specific tasks effectively and safely. These assessments are essential in fields where mental stability and acuity directly impact performance and safety.

Why Choose Bryce Gibbs PhD and Associates?

Our practice stands out due to our depth of expertise, rapid service delivery, and comprehensive support. Dr. Gibbs and his team not only conduct assessments but also provide ongoing support to ensure that clients achieve and maintain the mental fitness required for their professional roles.


At Bryce Gibbs PhD and Associates, we understand the importance of mental fitness in maintaining safety and effectiveness in high-stakes environments. Our tailored evaluations help individuals and organizations across Texas and Oklahoma, and beyond, to meet rigorous professional standards and ensure readiness for duty.